Terms & Conditions

Sale of Movie Tickets

  • Movie tickets can only be purchased from BTMCinemas.com using a valid credit card or BTM Cinemas Gift Card.
  • Tickets purchased via BTMCinemas.com will be available for pickup at the Ticketing Kiosks, or at the Box Office.
  • Tickets purchased via BTMCinemas.com can only be refunded on the day of purchase and MUST be retrieved at the theater. Tickets can be exchanged, but must be retrieved and exchanged prior to the original showtime.
  • Prices on BTMCinemas.com include Tax where applicable.
  • You agree that we may at our discretion, refuse to sell tickets to you or withdraw any tickets from sale via this Website.
  • Tickets are made available subject to the classification by the Motion Picture Association of America. If purchasing CHILD or SENIOR tickets, identification may be requested at the box office or ticket taker station.
  • Surcharges for 3D, BTX, or 3D BTX shows are reflected in the ticket prices shown on the purchase page